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Make the most of your estate or unnecessary business supplies when you turn to Phil Riner Auctions, LLC in Winter Haven, Florida. We take the time to ensure that you obtain the highest profits on your estate liquidation or business auctions.

Recycling & Appraisal

Take advantage of our other services to help you make the most of unneeded property or scrap metals with our metal recycling services. We also offer property appraisals and help you responsibly dispose of old jewelry and other goods.

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Who We Are

Phil Riner Auctions, LLC is a local seller's auction company in Winter Haven, Florida, and is among the oldest auctioneers in Polk County. For more than 35 years, we have worked to help sellers obtain the best prices for their items. We are known for our excellent photography, taking up to 500 photos, diligent advertising, and skilled product research. Since 1978, it has been our mission to always hit the auction block armed and knowledgeable; we not only research the product we are selling but create excitement among the competing buyers. We also work on estate liquidations, metal recycling, and property appraisals.

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